How it all started

It is said that Argentine tango does not have nationality and can be danced by anyone. After all, It was created by the mix of cultures from different corners of the world. And I also think that Argentine tango will find its way to you at the right time.

I remember the life performance of Argentine Tango. The couples were deeply immersed in themselves walking on the parquet floor. I have to admit my disappointment in contrast to the performances seen on TV and YouTube.

And so we started dancing Lindy Hop. After a few months of dancing and visiting international workshops, there was again an opportunity to start dancing Argentine Tango. We were encouraged by our trainer of Lindy Hop, he said: “At least try, the trainer who teaches Argentine Tango is great. You won’t regret it.”

This was the beginning of our journey towards this wonderful dance. Although we continued dancing Swing, tango enchanted us so much that we decided to move and focus on this dance only. And all of this happened mostly because our trainer Ondrej Buransky from Tango Club Kosice and Tango Club Vranov nad Toplou. We would not be dancing Argentine Tango without him. His passion and enthusiasm bound us to tango forever.

Even after all these years I still remember our first training with Ondrej. Full of self-confidence and enthusiasm, we walked to the dance hall which we knew so well from the Lindy Hop classes. Wall with mirrors, bar and hall ready for dancing. However, there was something different, something we had not noticed at any of the training before. The atmosphere here was somehow different, peace, beauty, love and sense of fulfillment. All of this was floating in the air. We somehow knew that we were at the right time, in the right place with the right people. We were where we were meant to be.

It was the first and next training that helped us to understand what Argentine Tango actually is. That tango is not only rehearsed choreography, in some cases it is more gymnastic rather than tango. That tango is something much deeper, much more complicated and meaningful that what we see on TV.

Tango is not just a dance. Argentine tango is a whole culture from dance, music, film to the people themselves from different corners of the world. Every next training session was more interesting. More and more we get to know the magic of tango.

The second training showed us that tango is a community. Again we entered the dance hall and immediately after opening the door, I caught my breath. There was a wonderful theater in front of us, “dance performance”/training, beautiful improvisation to the magical tango rhythms. With bated breath, I watched the students perform Volcadas, Ganchos, Sacadas, unknown figures for us that time.

After the advanced class ended, it was our turn. It was very difficult to step onto the dance floor and continue where we left during our previous training. It was even more difficult as the advanced dancers stood at the bar and began to chat and at the same time they scanned us. Even Stevko Hric was there, milonguero, known by most of the Argentine Tango dancers in Slovakia. He stood at the bar and was checking if we’re suitable “candidates” to join the community as Stevko is one of these people who is trying to build the tango community in Kosice.

First couple of training sessions showed us that it is worth it to go this long, difficult and at the same time beautiful journey. They helped us to get to know each other, but also ourselves. These training showed us that tango is not only big figures, that tango is emotions and feelings; a community that oversees that only people who have the strength to be themselves and enjoy being present enter it.

Tango is our life journey, which we decided to go. It is a drug that fills you up and helps you understand yourself.