The Queen of the night, or easily Tango Vals

Argentine tango has many beautiful emotions and feelings that we experience on the dance floor. And one of them is the feeling of being the queen of the night. Tango Vals, one of the Argentine tango dances, evokes such a feeling in me. Of course, I don't always have this feeling. It depends on the partner I am dancing with, on the current emotions and how I feel, expression of the music. This is affected by many factors.

I feel the best when I dance with my partner to the beautiful rhythms of Tango Vals, and in the perfect combination of all circumstances, sometimes I even feel like the Queen of the Universe.

Why is that so? Tango Vals was influenced by Waltz, at the same time the music itself is composed of 3/4 time. The waltz was danced in royal courts, it is an airy and noble dance.

And although tango was influenced by this dance from the point of view of music and rhythm; in terms of steps, Tango Vals differs from its relative, as it is again an improvisational dance with an emphasis on music, which carries subtle shades of happiness, nobility and playfulness.

When you imagine this combination together with a "perfect" hug and connection with your partner, you create a dance where your soul floats on the dance floor with a graceful movement, when the music awakens in you a feeling of uniqueness and perfection of yourself. That's when you become the queen of the night and realize your beauty, which is not just the tinsel of your exterior. With the perfect combination of music, a hug, a partner, you will start to feel like a queen, and you will realize the beauty of your inner self, which is so perfect and so unique. That's when beauty takes you to the new dimensions, the dimensions of infinity.

Tango Vals is a dance, danced by endless, perfect and beautiful queen of the night. Tango Vals is a dance danced by us ladies of all sizes, all shapes, all shades of gray who are part of us.

Do not be afraid of how beautiful we are from the outside. Let's be afraid of the beautiful from the inside, because that makes us irresistible queens of the dance floor, and Tango Vals will help us achieve and discover this feeling.