Tips and tricks to start dancing

If you’ve already decided, or you still hesitate whether to start dancing Argentine Tango, we would like to share with you a few tips to help you decide and at the same time makes it easier to permeate into its magic.

Tip 1

If you still hesitate, try to find Milonga near you (Milonga - Argentine Tango party). It is recommended to find Milonga with a Taster lesson. This will help you to gain info about basic steps and apply it directly on Milonga.

Tip 2

Whether you're a dancer or you have never danced at all, it does not matter. When dancing tango, you have to forget everything you’ve learned about the dance. Dancers are at slight advantage; musicality, stability etc.. However, by the end of the day, everyone can learn it. On the other hand if you have no experience with dance, you have no habits from other dances which is to your advantage.

Tip 3

Ladies, always praise your partner. It is difficult for leaders to start dancing. Especially Argentine Tango, the dance of pure improvisation. At the beginning, the leader has to lead, dance, listen to the music, focus on the other dancers, perceive follower etc.. In the beginning, the followers “only” rest in the arms of the leader and you’re able to “dance” with good leaders.

Tip 4

Ladies, always try to deny, deny and deny. If you do not understand the leader, do not dance on autopilot, because you train figures. More you deny and follow the lead only, the more you help the leader. In the future the leader will endow you with self-confidence and soft leading.

Tip 5

Gentlemen, always praise your partner. Tango is communication and even in a normal conversation, the misunderstandings happen. Tango is even more difficult as it is communication without any words. And it is pure improvisation, not the dance of learnt figures.

Tip 6

Every Time you make some mistake during the training, return back to the steps you did. Most of the time the mistake happens in the step before.

Tip 7

Always be yourself. Tango is mysterious in its own way. Mysterious, as it helps your partner to quickly understand that you’re hiding something. It is very easy to discover that you’re sad. More you’re hiding, it is more visible to your partner and in your dance.

Tip 8

DO NOT GIVE UP. Life and tango is a winding road, there are not only joys, but also obstacles and failures. But it does not mean that we should give up. On the contrary, Argentine tango was born from “imperfection”, from the dance and emotions of “ordinary and poor” people who knew a lot about failures and still they were able to create this beautiful and meaningful dance.

Tip 9

Choose the right trainer/dance school. Do not forget, you are the ones who choose the trainer, not the trainer who chooses you. Therefore if you feel that tango is not for you, maybe you just attended the lessons that do not suit you/your personality, maybe you’re not ready for that trainer at that time and you will return to the trainer later.

And finally, do not forget that tango is the dance of unlimited possibilities and this infinity can not be achieved by pretending, accusing our partner of “imperfections”. The infinity can be achieved by being ourselves and respecting and encouraging each other.